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Raajeevvv Bagdii

Numerologist || Wellness Practitioner || Energy Healer || Business Owner || Author

Raajeevvv Bagdii (Rajeev Bagdi) was born in 1973, in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. Now he is settled in Hyderabad, India. He is a Post Graduate in Marketing & Finance. He has been in services for few years before starting his business career. He is owner of herbal business store in Hyderabad. He has acquired knowledge in various segments including financial markets, alternative medicines, healing methodologies, self development & self improvement. As an Author, Raajeevvv has published his first ebook in the self improvement genre titled "How To Live A Stress & Anxiety Free Life?".

Raajeevvv is a "Numerologist" and has been helping people to make the journey of their lives smoother, with his knowledge of numerology and also in the health and wellness segment. He loves to share knowledge and to help people on topics related to numerology, health and wellness, self-help, self-improvement and other occult sciences. He has also written an ebook titled "What Is Numerology?", this book gives insight into the science of Numerology and how it can be helpful to people to improve their lives.

He is a passionate person who is ready to go that extra mile and help people with his knowledge and experiences that he has gained during the course of his life so far.

Raajeevvv's words of wisdom:

"I believe that knowledge is power. Everyone should improve themselves and / or their business, no matter what stage in life they are in. Whether it is to develop a better mindset or to increase their business profits. Moving forward is Key to Success."